About OpsXML

OpsXML is fundamentally a new approach. It is a framework that enables businesses to create and maintain increased efficiency in their operational environments and achieve their operational and service business goals with a maximum Return on Investment (ROI). OpsXML encapsulates an intent oriented language to interact with network systems and devices. This unique language called a Device Mark Up Language allows rapid development of network services independent of approaches tied to information models that try to normalize the network infrastructure and data structure.

OpsXML makes tasks “data-oriented,” rather than “application-oriented.” All the operational tasks are specified in terms of 'Intents, which are in XML. Intents specify the 'what', 'when', 'where' and 'how' for each task in the Device Markup Language. OpsXML can manage any device that is connected to the network via IP. In the case of non-IP devices, a terminal server can be used to provide the IP connectivity.

Technology Highlights

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Rapid support to new services, devices, and endpoints, thereby acheiving rapid time-to-ROI.

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Provides multiple communication protocols to maximize device manageability.

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Preserves network data and intelligence without human intervention and related risks of IP.

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Reuses existing device behaviors to maximize productivity and minimizing effort.

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Using a proven messaging bus servers can be clustered to provide more concurrent connections.

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Use for a variety of infrastructural tasks such as password management, device set up, firmware updates, terminal server management, device audits and more.